Glutton for punishment

Currently Dawn of War II is providing me with my fix of player versus player challenge, but has yet again highlighted my almost absolute deficiency of talent when it comes to taking on other gamers. I love playing against other players rather than the AI, whether it is in an MMO, Team Fortress 2, a sports title or a strategy title like Dawn of War II there is nothing quite like pitting your wits against another person...apart from in my case I am really, really, bad at it.

It isn't that I totally fail at the mechanics (after all I should hope not) I just seem to lack some kind of gamer inherited killer instinct when it comes to conflict that means I very rarely win or excel at anything (and when I do it is with the options deemed the easiest by the experts, as with the engineer in Team Fortress for example, - although I would argue there is a fine art to knowing where to place your turrets for maximum gain dammit!! ;) ). I can't help but really enjoy it. I do feel that I usually hold my own, albeit in my own idiosyncratic way that I am sure most people would classify as sucking. I do though get my enjoyment from the experience and on the odd occasions when I do manage to pull out a great performance and rank high or get a win it really means something. I guess it's a combination of the underdog mentality and knowing your own limits. I know that I'm not the best player out there and have no illusions about my level of skills, which serves to make those victories that come along all the sweeter!