Fringe has really been the stand-out show of this year's TV offerings for me. The pilot did enough to get me intrigued, even if the initial similarities to the X-Files made for some skepticism and there was always the fear that anything Abrams and Orci put together would punish your sanity severely for daring to miss an episode (Yes Alias and Lost I am looking at you!), but as the season has progressed it has most definitely won me over.

Walter Bishop is possibly the best written character in a sci-fi series for many years, and the main cast are just the right side of believable in an inherently unbelievable setting. I can easily forgive the faux-science I have read some complain about just as easily as I accept warp speed and phasers being required for Star Trek to work, it's just the wrapping to what is turning out to be a very interesting sci-fi story driven by some very well written characters and told through some really tightly scripted episodes and just the right sprinkling of future plot hooks and stuff you know you will become relevant at a later date.

Last night's episode, The Road Not Taken, that leads in to the season finale next week was possibly the most enjoyable forty odd minutes of TV I have watched in some time, to the point I really doubt they can top that next week...and anyone who has been following the show's pr and knows who is going to be playing the enigmatic William Bell when he is finally revealed will probably have been grinning broadly about two thirds of the way through ;) No spoilers here though, if you haven't caught up yet, or havent seen Fringe yet, make sure to check out iTunes and grab it, you wont regret it!