4th of July San Francisco style

In San Francisco for 4th of July as we are doing a very short press tour next week to drop by IGN, Gamespot and the MTV offices to visit Gamestrailers for some interviews. (Good to see such interest in the latest updates!). The flip side of going so far for such a short time is being here for fourth of July and getting to see the fireworks off Fisherman's Wharf (along with what seemed like a good chunk of the local population)

I actually don't mind the travel at all, it's an element of the job I enjoy despite the days lost to the inside of airliners and the resulting jet-lag. While I'm not always so comfortable being the one in front of the camera for an interview (I much, much prefer being a behind the camera type of guy), like most people I hate the sound of my own voice, I do enjoy getting to talk about games and speak about our games. I'm told I am getting better at it, but I suspect that's something you would hear anyway to avoid sounding mean, and I will remain steadfastly skeptical about my voice not being something really annoying to listen to.