Childhood Memories....

Unless you haven't been online or watched any TV channel the last week you will probably know it's the 40th anniversary of man reaching the moon and even after all these years the footage still fascinates me. That is one childhood wish I will never grow out of...I would still love to go to the moon! Wired has all the restored footage of the landing available. Not ones to miss out on an opportunity Google, well, rather predictably, and with release timing that is as impeccable as always, they presented Google Moon.

..and while on the subject of things from childhood, the folks over at Gizmodo recently ran a series of articles about a visit to the Lego factory and offices to see how Lego is made. I wouldn't even like to guess what percentage of my formative years was spent making things out of Lego, firing my imagination and trying to make all variety of things, many of which I am fairly sure would never have been intended...that was the beauty of the toy...all kids should be allowed to play with Lego, and it should be treasured. That is one company I will never begrudge making copious piles of cash from their endeavors, they deserve it! Reading the articles, and watching the videos attached just made me appreciate the unique magical properties of Lego that I remember enjoying as a kid (I am pretty sure the only thing they didn't show was the fairy dust machine that they must surely sprinkle on stuff).

Last on the list for today is the eclipse, wish I could have been on the other side of the world to see it...I'll make do with a photostream