More reimaginings

I miss not having a good reason to insist on working at Comicon this year, I always enjoy the opportunity to indulge the comic and movie geek in me. None the less some interesting articles, interviews and previews coming out of this year's convention.

In this day and age of the remake and new versions of old favorites there are two in particular that have been on my radar for being, at the very least, intriguing, mainly because to me they are not going to be the easiest conversions, Disney's Tron: Legacy and the remake of the famously eccentric 60's sci-fi TV show - The Prisoner - to star movie names Sir Ian McKellen and Jim Caviezel.

Now a follow-up to Tron makes me very nervous, the original is very much a product of it's time. The then state of the art GFX played very much on the '8-bit' aspects of computer games at the time. That was a large part of it's charm, will it work as well when the GFX of games are capable of mimicing real life much, much, much better than they could in 1982. Will the digitised world of Tron work as well for a modern audience? Will be interesting to see...the preview footage (first shown last year, but now released) gives us a glimpse at the approach at least. Reservations aside looking forward to seeing if they pull it off!

The Prisoner is a brave choice to remake, although I guess it was inevitable someone would try. If you haven't ever heard of or seen the original, well it's hard to describe! Also a product of it's time it is strange, eccentric, compelling, mystifying and intriguing all at once. Even repeat viewings won't necessarily bring you any closer to understanding exactly what was going on, but it's fun theorising! The cast of the new version certainly offer hope it will be interesting, with both McKellen and writer Bill Gallagher talking about it at Comicon. I can't wait to see what they make of this one!

..and as a fan of both Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman the news that Marvel have acquired the rights to the Miracleman license (although it's not clear yet whether it includes the Moore / Gaiman material itself) and plan to use it for a new run. Might be one to watch out for.