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I don't always agree with Sanya Weather's specific opinion's but I have always really respected the strength of her convictions and style with her communities down the years. Her columns and blog entries are always fun to read! Was interested to read her latest piece on MMORPG that keys right in on the same things I was writing about a couple of weeks ago right here.

Here is her summary:

In this era of behemoth, multifaceted MMOs getting all the press, it's hard to avoid wanting to be all things to all people. The problem is that being all things to all people takes years of development, lots of experience across the entire team with shipped products, and millions of dollars - and really good product management and oversight.

So if your PVP game is doing well, but a handful of people want it to have hardcore PVE raid content? Say no. If adults are playing your kid's game, and want there to be a server without cuss filters? Say no. If you want to build a storyteller's paradise, and some lily-livered suit hits the panic button and demands hand-feeding like he's seeing in the game HE happens to be playing? Say no. If you wuss out and say yes, remember that nothing in an MMO is forever, and start saying no.

Because unless you have five years and fifty million dollars, your best chance at getting that five and fifty is to identify a niche and serve it well.

That is exactly what I was getting at, as developers we will benefit from having a better focus on what we can do well rather than trying to be that 'all things to all people' thing. Make sure you drop by and read the whole editorial!

...and RIP Jon Hughes, thanks for all the memories and the excellent moments. When I heard the news last night my first thought was to watch this.

...on a lighter note this was the coolest link collected this week...people should cover more abandoned things with hand made quilts.


Unknown said…
Heh, that is pretty close to what you wrote I think...wonder if she had read your post first? You both work in MMOs so maybe not strange to have the same opinion.