Crazy vikings destroying kitchen appliances for your musical pleasure

Got to see Hurra Torpedo in concert last night...quite an experience, really cool show. I always like to see those concerts that represent people just having some fun with a concept and putting on a good show. These guys have been doing this for some years by all accounts but it's definitely not the type of show you get to see all that often. Very glad we went along.

Their instruments? Kitchen appliances! Their style? Destroying said appliances to popular tunes and generally taking the stage mayhem to a different level. Crazy Norwegian antics in the best way possible!

Where is my Mind has always been one of my favorite songs, now I think I have a new version that will come to mind whenever I hear it! If you ever get the opportunity to go an see these guys in action I heartily recommend it!


Unknown said…
fekkin hell, those guys are mental! Those vikings up there are crazy, that looks like it would be quite the show!
Dominick said…
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