Musical Monday Musings

Technically Tuesday morning now, but a good Monday full of music, and a day full of music is rarely, if ever, a bad day.

Started out with loading up Pearl Jam's new album Backspacer from itunes and grabbing a few minutes with it here and there throughout the day as meetings and the usual Monday distractions allowed. It's short and punchy, and Eddie Vedder and company seem to be having fun. There are some great immediate tracks on there from the first listen at least with The Fixer, Just Breathe, Amongst the Waves and Unthought Known already tagged for repeat listens.

They might have to share some space in the playlist though...

Went to see the incomparable Tori Amos in concert tonight and she had a guy called Foy Vance as her support act. I hadn't heard of him at all before this evening. A quick goggle search upon coming back tonight reveals he has had some good airtime in the UK and they used a song of his on an episode of Grey's Anatomy (which I am sure means more people know of him then I think, while not a fan of the show myself I hear rumours quite a few people are)...anyway...he was superb. Wonderful musician and engaged with the audience in a way I always like to see musicians do in a live setting. Bought his album while at the concert (and it's quite a long time since I did that.) and will give it some space on the play-list this week.

Tori was her usual, mesmerising, captivating dervish of a self at her pianos. I have been lucky enough to see her quite a few times down the years ever since I fell in love with Little Earthquakes at a listening booth in the Virgin megastore in Dublin many moons ago and she never disappoints live. Tonight was no calls!


Unknown said…
JEALOUS! Always wanted to see that woman in concert, she never comes to my neck of the woods alas :(