Postcards from Seattle

Landed safely in Seattle after a very smooth journey. Quickly navigated immigration and retrieved the luggage before getting to relax a little at the hotel this afternoon and wander the city a little. It was one of those flights that really screws with your body clock, landing only an hour after you left (just with a ten hour flight inbetween!), but it does mean we get the afternoon to rest up, explore and relax a little.

When I visit a city for the first time I love to just wander with the camera. I don't particularly look up where is best to go, I just leave the hotel and set off to see what I can find, and what pictures might appear. It is a gorgeous day here so the light made for some good shots as I just wandered around the city centre and made my way down towards the waterfront. Sometimes you don't come across anything specifically memorable, and just get the odd decent snap here and there, but every now and again you come across something that makes for some good pictures or is a different experience. In Seoul earlier in the year it was finding a little league baseball game that I stopped, watched and took some pictures of..in Budapest it was collecting images of brightly painted elephants that were scattered throughout the city and were part of a campaign...today it was a cool little antique shop on the waterfront. Stuck away under a flyover I almost didn't see it, but I am glad I did!

There is something inherently interesting about this style of genuine, 'will take anything' type of an antiques store. Like a little time capsule the shelves were filled with every type of odds and ends you could imagine. I can easily get lost just wandering around a place like that, and they didn't seem to mind me taking some pictures. There was everything from furniture worth thousands of dollars to little badges, comics, books and magazines from as far back as the 30's, so many interesting history lessons just on those shelves alone.

You can find all the pictures here over on Flickr.

It is finding things like this that make the random wandering worth it. A place like that never appears on a tourist map or an attraction list, but is often every bit as interesting.

Now time for a quick rest before I meet up with the others for some dinner before the work preparing for PAX starts tomorrow!
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Unknown said...

looks like a funky little place, there is one like that in my home town too, reading that makes me want to go and poke around in there.

Hope you guys have a great show at PAX, wish I could be there!

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