Reasons for getting between those rocks and hard places

Was interesting to see the discussion and debate started in several places in answer to some of the points I raised here on the blog. The community around the game had some good points and it did spark debate some good debate, and that to be honest was kind of the point of such a post in the first place.

It is though always a little...well...weird to read threads like this one over on I can't recall ever having had someone write such a lengthy opinion about why I should resign before (or had people write so much defending the team as well), it is equal parts cool and equal parts strange.

As I mentioned above though, the whole point is to spark debate. Otherwise there wouldn't be much point in putting those particular thoughts out in the public domain. It's not because I am frustrated, angry, disillusioned or anything like that, always important to stress that. I enjoy the fact that I get to interact with the community still in my current role just as I did years ago, first as a moderator, then an admin, then a site manager and then professionally as a Community Manager. I bring these things up because firstly I find online communities fascinating and I enjoy discussing how they work. Secondly for the discussion simply in the hope that even one person who might read it might just approach the next heated discussion they have on a forum in a slightly more constructive way. That alone would make it worth mentioning!


kryator said…
And what a debate that was, obviously that the main idea is to people discuss your post in some constructive way, see what they think, etc, or else you wouldn't post at all, its a shame that people take your post and define it as the toughs of despair of someone that cant lead.

Everyone is free to express their opinion, some said they don't like you as Game Director, other said exactly the opposite.

My opinion is that your doing an exclelent job, not rushing, and letting the team develop as good as they can the content. it is worse to have lots of rushed content filled with bugs, than waiting some more weeks for content completely stable and bug free, besides that i love your communication here, in twitter, on forums, always connected to the community.

Keep up the good work and posts that start "lengthy discussions", we can all learn something from those. ;)