The games radar

In the midst of moving to a new apartment so the games seem to be stacking up, having only been able to grab a few minutes here and there with some really intriguing titles that have been teasing both my old school gaming tendencies and my curiosity.

Machinarium hits all the old point and click pixels in an art style that really has me wanting more. I first saw this one at GDC last year as part of the indie games festival entries and I have waited eagerly for the full game. For now I have had to make do with the soon as some inroads are made into the mountain of boxes currently residing in our new apartment it will be first on my download list. You can find some good reviews of it here over on Ars Technica and also over at Edge. After finishing up the iPhone version of Beneath a Steel Sky I am just itching to get into this one!

I have mentioned the good folks over at Tale of Tales before, and they have their latest work of 'is it a game is it interactive art?' out. Fatale is an experience based around Oscar Wilde's 19th century play Salome and is every bit as intriguing as their last offering The Path but in very different ways. Eurogamer have an excellent review up that delves into what the project offers. If you are open to the idea of a 'game' asking you philosophical questions and just prompting thought then it is an experience well worth checking out. This one steers even further from being anything I could honestly describe as a game than The Path did. As with The Path I am not entirely sure this is something that really appeals to me beyond a single play session, but it is a strangely compelling single experience, and I am very glad that someone is out there doing these things. Mass market it may not be, but it does show that our medium can aspire to be other things. If the idea of an interactive vignette based on a one hundred year old play about the death of John The Baptist sounds like pretentious rubbish you wouldn't touch with a barge pole then it most definitely isn't for you...if however your mind just went 'say that again' in a curious way when you read that last sentence (and if in doubt read it again, out loud if possible...there..weird isn't it?) then it might just be worth the download!

I have also been checking out both Aion and Fallen Earth in a professional curiosity type of way, and the latter is I have to admit much more to my tastes. I think both have great potential in very different ways, but I have always liked the post apocalyptic type settings going all the way back to the original Fallout so exploring Fallen Earth has definitely raised a smile or two. Closer to home I am really looking forward to seeing the player reaction to the new seasonal content we have managed to sneak into the latest game update just in time for the halloween season. I have had some fun testing it, and I really like when we get the opportunity to drop some things in there that are just for fun. The new items and rewards for content like this might not have epic stats or be an ultimate status symbol, but they are every bit as appealing, at least to me, so hopefully they will also raise a smile or two for those playing through the scary season!


Unknown said…
Machinarium looks like it has a very nice art style but I am just a little hesitant to the old school type of puzzlers. They tend to frustrate me, but I think after this I might just at least try the demo version, nothing to lose then!
Ledger said…
Just finished playing through Machinarium. The hint minigame annoyed me by the end but other than that I can recommend the game. The art style is very funky cool too.