NaNoWriMo approaches...help wanted!

Nanowrimo, or, to give its full title, National Novel Writing Month, is a writing challenge purely for the sake of it to encourage people to write a short novel. The idea is that you write a 50,000 word story through the course of November, or to be specific around 1667 words a day. 1667 words a day for thirty days is even harder than it sounds and to be honest I am not sure it sounds easy in the first place.

I have taken part three times in the past, only completing it once...but this year I wanted to take part so that I could finish a story that has been floating around my head for the best part of a decade. Alas there is one thing I am bad...really bad...at and that is actually finishing work. Even the one year taking part in Nanowrimo that did yield 50,000 words and past the target it didn't yield a finsihed story because I wrote more earlier in the planned story than I had anticipated and still to this day haven't finished it up.

So that being the case this year I have decided to do it a little more publically. Namely by publishing the chapters as I go throughout the month. I am hoping that it will both give me some motivation to keep going if I know someone is reading (one of you will be enough for me) and any inspiration from comments or suggestions as people (or person, again not shooting too high here) read along. So to that end I have set up a seperate blog where I will track my progress throughout November and post up the results as we go along for all to see!

So if you fancy reading along I would really appreciate it. Would love to hear people's opinions, what they like what they don't like as we go along (bearing in mind I am going to be exposing you all to this unedited!)

You can find the new blog here, which has a prologue and the first chapter of the story up as a little bit of a preview. The story is called FATE Inc and I hope you enjoy it (or at least what I finish of it!)
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Unknown said...

wow, now that is cool, if more than a lot crazy. I could never do that! Way more words than I could comfortably write. I enjoyed the start you posted as well. Looking forward to reading more

Unknown said...

Good luck! I will also enjoy reading it from what I have read so far this morning!

Craig Morrison said...

Thanks guys. It most definitely is crazy, but a little crazy once in a while does you good I think ;)

plym said...

Dammit, now you got me started on it too. Most likely ending like the other years, very good start, not so good at following up. But - here we go!

Craig Morrison said...

@plym 30 days seems like such a short time until you try this! Will have to just keep trying to help with the motivation ;)

AmandaP said...

That sounds like a brave thing to do to me! I will enjoy reading along, checking it out now!

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