October Already?

Despite the scary pace at which the year flies by, autumn does bring with it the new fall schedules in the US and new and returning shows to try and catch up on. Very mild spoilers ahead so if you aren't up to speed you might want to skip.

Fringe and House haven't disappointed with their starts. Hopefully both keep their momentum and continue to have good strong seasons and I am very pleased that Fringe seems to be wanting to maintain their 'strange case of the week' formula alongside the ongoing alternate dimension conspiracy theorising. (and for some reason I love the shape-shifting soldiers communication method with 'the other side')

Heroes still has me despite the fact they continue to insist on adding more and more characters into the mix. The carnival folk are an interesting addition and might make for a more interesting and ambiguous threat to the heroes that than the government / Sylar threat of the previous season...and speaking of Sylar I am actually finding the whole 'living in Parkman's mind' thing to be far more entertaining than it sounded.

I still can't decide if I like Dollhouse, but I keep watching it. In patches it shows the best of its cast and creator, but it's still just in patches.

FlashForward has a good cast and the premise is interesting. I am not entirely convinced how long the concept can last in terms of a whole season. It seems like it might have been more suited as a mini-series but I'll keep watching for now.

I think I am set though for the season, will throw in Lost and Friday Night Lights when they return and that will probably be just about all the TV I can keep pace with!


Avery said…
Will you be checking out Stargate Universe? It had it's opener here Friday just gone. Looks like it will be interesting!
Craig Morrison said…
I'll almost certainly try and check out Stargate Universe at least for a few episodes. I enjoyed the original, but missed out on Atlantis quite a bit, but the new take sounds interesting at least. maybe with a little luck it will make for a decent BSG replacement.
Cian said…
.. And Florida maintains it's usual green, steamy climate. Smooth gulf breezes blowing by.. with the women all still in those lovely bikinis. Cocktails and sunset walks on the beaches.. only weeks left.

Anyhow.. Sons of Anarchy has caught my attention in addition to House and Fringe. On the fence with the rest, but that's only because there is only so much TV time available, and Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations has a permanent spot in my line-up for now.

I do hope that SG:U can fill a good SciFi spot.. I'll make room for it..