Old games, new platforms

Picked up Beneath a Steel Sky again today for the first time in over a decade. It didn't require any obscure emulators and it wasn't even on the PC. The classic adventure title is now available on the Apple app store for the iPhone. Following on from the summer re-release of Monkey Island, the appearance of Revolutions dystopian adventure sees another great classic adventure title make it across to Apple's platform.

The iPhone is actually a pretty perfect home for the old point and click adventures with it's touch screen technology inherently lending itself to that type of control mechanism. I always liked the original game and haven't played it since it's launch on the Amiga many moons ago. For some reason playing these games on the iPhone allows me to forget the differences in graphics, it feels strangely at home in the palm of my hand. I am usually somewhat of a graphic's junkie (even if I don't really want to be), I just struggle to enjoy games that are starting to look their age when playing on my desktop. On the iPhone however the old school graphics seem to fit.

I was lucky enough to get to meet Charles Cecil from Revolution earlier in the year and he was explaining their plans for the iPhone and I have been itching to give it a go ever since. It will keep me company nicely on the bus to and from the office for the next week or so!

...on a side note if anyone of the non-iPhone persuasion is all nostalgic with all this talk of Beneath a Steel Sky it's worth heading over to the Good Old Games website where you can download the original for the grand old price of...well, nothing actually, as it's free!


Unknown said…
It is great to see the wonderful advetures of yesteryear make an appearance on the iPhone. So what are the chances of TLJ turning up there now there are succesful examples? I would love to have that on my iPhone. C'mon Craig you can probably help make that happen ;)
Craig Morrison said…
I'd love to see that. The Longest Joureny was a great game, and one of the reasons I first paid attention to Funcom even before I worked there. I have absolutely no idea if we have any plans in that area at the moment though.