...a good time at the funhouse

Had the chance to see Pink in concert tonight. I have to admit she might not have been the type of act I rushed to see under normal circumstances, but was along for the ride as company and I guessed it would be an ok show at worst.

I can safely say I was pleasantly surprised. In fact that is an understatement, pleasantly surprised doesn't even begin to cover it. It was a fantastic show. One of those concerts that is great due to the theatrics and the performance, it was a show in the good old fashioned meaning of the world. She pulled off manic, intimate, erotic and poignant all within the same set. We had accidentally managed to stand ourselves some five meters or so from where she performed a good chunk of the show. We hadn't noticed when we got there but a central walkway extended out through the crowd to a central stage in the middle of the standing section, so we got to see parts of the show very up close and personal, including the entire of an acoustic interlude that was wedged between the raucously racy circus themed segments. Those were set against a brilliantly designed set and circus highwire acts...part Cirque Du Soleil, part vaudeville, with just maybe a touch of Tim Burton thrown in for good measure. (the giant stage puppets and bizarre video wall segments were suitably freaky!)

I also like artists that mess around with their own songs when performing live, and some of the tracks she performed tonight were most definitely not the album versions, and that always gains extra brownie points from me! So like I said very pleasantly surprised, she is quite the performer. She didn't just cover Queen and Led Zeppelin amongst others, she was damn nearly channelling them onto the stage. I am a little too young to have had the privilege of seeing either of those acts live in concert, but something tells me that Messrs Mercury and Plant might just have had a smile on their faces had then been watching with us tonight.