Nanowrimo final week...failure looming

I think I can safely confirm that taking a five day business trip to the other side of the world is not conducive to being able to complete the Nanowrimo challenge. I am sitting here in the airport in Seoul and find myself about 10,000 words off target. Now I did manage to write 5,000 on the plane on the way over here, so I may be able to catch up a little, but I think it is safe to say that I probably won't quite make the target words by Monday evening.

I also definitely won't finish the story itself. I had already guessed this last week and indeed with some 40,000 words written I think I am probably just over half way, or maybe two thirds of the way through the story I wanted to tell. I am bad, really bad, at judging the pace of a 50,000 word attempt it seems!

I am pleased with the story though, and glad I made the effort to try the November madness again. I definitely don't regret making the attempt.

I will definitely complete the story, perhaps focus on doing one chapter a week after the challenge until it is completed.

The chapters so far:

Prologue - Mr Drewer
Chapter One - Introducing Helen
Chapter Two - Cappuccino and Quantum Physics
Chapter Three - Morning Meeting
Chapter Four - 42 Bloomsbury Way
Chapter Five - Life Lessons
Chapter Six - Decompression Time
Chapter Seven - Informal Channels
Chapter Eight - Taking it all in
Chapter Nine - The Morning after effect
Chapter Ten - One True Soul
Chapter Eleven - Contingency Planning
Chapter Twelve - Training Day
Chapter Thirteen - Coming soon....