NanoWriMo update - one week in...

One week into the insanity that is November when taking part in NanoWriMo. Progress hasn't been too bad at all with just a little over 16,000 new words added to the story of FATE Inc.

The most challenging part this year with choosing to post it publically as I go along isn't what I expected. The motivation is still there, but the hardest part seems to actually be working in sequence. What this process has taught me so far is that I usually tend to jump around quite a bit more than I thought I did when I write. By that I mean I tend to want to jump ahead in the story because I have some thoughts on a cool pivotal scene that I know is just around the corner and I can't wait to write. When I am trying to write the chapters in order though I have to be more disciplined and work through the story chapter by is actually working as a motivation all on it's own because there are parts of this story I have already mapped out in my head that I really want to write. I think I will really enkoy writing those scenes when I get to them, probably more so than I would have done if I had just jumped straight to it!

I have also learnt that you make lots, and I do mean lots, of very simple mistakes and typos when you write like this and post them up everyday. So I have found that I do have to spend some time doing some editing else the outside world will probably wonder why I was bothering in the first place. I have been getting some much appreciated help with the editing as well that is catching my more obvious errors and also providing me with some insightful cultural differences between the UK and the US. You would be amazed where a conversation started by a typo can lead and you learn all kinds of interesting things like the difference between the way english people use the word sleet and the way americans use it, a fact I had been completely oblivious too despite pretty frequent trips to the can't go far wrong with learning something new every day.

So pace wise everything is on track, only time will tell if the sanity also remains on track!