NanoWriMo week three update...losing ground!

Week three is done and I'm a little behind. Have still managed three and a half new chapters and the word count is only just trailing off. I am about 2,000 words down on where I should be, so it isn't a disaster and I am still in with a shout of getting the 50k target done.

The problem is that I am now almost certain that I won't actually finish the story in fifty thousand words, which is exactly what happened last time I succeeded with the word count back in 2007. If it does turn out to be the case I really hope I manage to finish this one off anyway! I am enjoying telling this story and want to see it through to completion.

The difficulty this week is that I am off to Korea on Tuesday for the ICON and GStar events in Busan. I'm giving a lecture and doing some interviews there to tie in with the games development for the Korean market, so it's going to be a busy week...determined to find the time for the word count though and finish this thing!

The story so far....

Prologue - Mr Drewer
Chapter One - Introducing Helen
Chapter Two - Cappuccino and Quantum Physics
Chapter Three - Morning Meeting
Chapter Four - 42 Bloomsbury Way
Chapter Five - Life Lessons
Chapter Six - Decompression Time
Chapter Seven - Informal Channels
Chapter Eight - Taking it all in
Chapter Nine - The Morning after effect
Chapter Ten - One True Soul
Chapter Eleven - Contingency Planning
Chapter Twelve - Coming soon....


Treras said…
For the first time I had a chance to sit down with a cup of coffee and read this. And while I felt like taking a red pencil to the first few paragraphs, within a while my coffee was cold and I was a few chapters into the story.

It's an intriguing read Craig, I'm enjoing it!