Nanowrimo week two - insanity and continuity

Week two of the Nanowrimo experiment is done and dusted and still on track with the word count (although only just!). I start to worry if I will fall foul of what happened the last time I actually did manage to write the fifty thousand words back in 2007 but didn't manage to finish the actual story as the chapters end up longer than I imagined. I think I am starting to see that as a distinct possibility this time out too.

It is also very interesting posting things as I go along because it shows me just how rough first drafts are. In going back and reading back through not only am I finding the expected typos and grammatical errors I also start to see where my train of thought gets distracted and I even manage to create continuity issues within the same chapter, sometimes within a couple of paragraphs! The more eagle eyed amongst those reading already noticed that the apartment building in chapter six managed to go from thirty storeys to forty storeys and back again within a few paragraphs. Makes you appreciate why you need editing in the first place!

So far so good though, the real test will be next week when I try and get a little ahead so the trip to Korea at the end of the month doesn't totally scupper the plan!

The full chapter list up till now looks like this:

Prologue - Mr Drewer
Chapter One - Introducing Helen
Chapter Two - Cappuccino and Quantum Physics
Chapter Three - Morning Meeting
Chapter Four - 42 Bloomsbury Way
Chapter Five - Life Lessons
Chapter Six - Decompression Time
Chapter Seven - Informal Channels
Chapter Eight - Taking it all in
Chapter Nine - Coming soon....


Deacon said…
I have been reading along since I saw this last week from your twitter stream. It's good stuff. I love the story so far. I wouldn't worry too much if it can be improved with editing, it is still a fine story and will only get better with some tuning!
Unknown said…
I am waiting for the real twist or story-line to kick in, it is an interesting premise but maybe it's just the whole episodic thing, but I want to see where it is going!