What comes to mind?

Just had to link this. Quite apart from immediately making me think of watching Strange Days again it would seem that this project is a lot closer to being something, an actual product, than anything similar I have seen before. Devices like this have been a staple of science fiction for years - could it really be something we might use in our lifetimes?

It certainly opens up a lot of possibilities. With things like the Wii-motion technology already in use and Project Natal coming, things like this suddenly don't seem so far fetched.


TekTonic said…
I'm not sure that I good get used to that. Sounds logical that it would work and I guess it calibrates just like most other devices.
Treras said…
Have you seen the NIA? I caught it on the forums the other day and it looks pretty interesting. I'm half tempted to fork the money over just so I could sit in the shed with a squid on my head, controlling the world. I mean, my computer.

And now I have to go watch Strange Days again.
Craig Morrison said…
@treras - at least it is a good movie and well worth watching again!