Metaplace passes

There was a time when 'user generated content' was the cool new kid on the block and you could hear many predict that it was going to sweep all before it. Now I still personally think that it has a lot of potential, and it certainly isn't going away. Someone is going to find the right way to integrate it at some stage, but one of the pioneers in terms of trying to bring user generated content into an online multiplayer setting, will be closing their doors on January 1st with the closing of Metaplace (at least in it's current incarnation).

I have been lucky enough to meet Raph Koster a couple of times at press events and conferences and while I can't say I agree with all his opinions on the direction of gaming, this is a subject he is incredibly passionate about. He has though already posted that this isn't the end of the company itself and said that they have plans ahead, so we might see some more from them yet.

I tried Metaplace myself a little when it was the beta was first launched and while I found the toolset intriguing (just a bit too close to the day job to be a true diversion for me). the setting felt a little disjointed to me. There are definitely some lessons to be learned from the attempt at giving users the tools to make virtual worlds for themselves. I kept meaning to log back in and see how they had been progressing, but never seemed to find the time, it was never quite interesting enough...I guess that was the case for more than just me.


Travis said…
I never got round to even trying that one. It seemed to kiddie and cute looking to be of interest to me.
Ballista said…
I have to admit that after what happened with SWG I don't have that much faith in all Mr Koster's thoughts on gaming, he has some good ideas but at the end of the day he doesn't seem to know how to execute them properly. Metaplace was a great example. Its style was all wrong for what it offered, just like the Star Wars setting was all wrong for the type of game he made at Sony. Hopefully Bioware do more justice to it than he did!
Anonymous said…
It doesn't actually close down until January 1st, so you still have time to log back in and check on the progress made for a few more days, Craig =)

Merry Christmas, btw!
Craig Morrison said…
@Xoduz aye, I logged in for a while, lots had changed, some things hadn't. I could still see the potential and it's flaws at the same time when looking with a critical eye.

Something like this will succeed at some stage I am sure, it just needs to focus on both the experience of visiting the created worlds as well as actually creating them. Finding the right medium for allowing people to explore very different offerings as part of a coherent universe is a challenge.