Thunderbirds vs President Obama

When the president of the United States comes to visit it tends to be a bit busy. The manhole covers were all welded shut, the streets were closed, the snipers in their helicopters hovered overhead and there was generally a little bit of organisation involved in keeping Mr Obama at a good distance from anyone he wasn't obliged to meet with when recieving such things as a Nobel peace prize.

For some bizarre reason though I couldn't help but think about the Thunderbirds protecting the president as I wandered the streets today. I watched that show as a kid, loved it, and knew how all the vehicles were numbered...and the Oslo police force vehicles are all numbered with big stenciled letter and numbers 'G - 1' or 'G -22' and I just couldn't help but think of the Thunderbirds and their numbered vehicles...alas none of the Oslo police vehicles looked likely to take off into the sky on rocket engines and go on an urgent adventure rescue...the mind links strange, strange things together sometimes!

It was a whistlestop visit, much to the dismay of many of the locals who dislike the fact he is skipping out on a lot of the usual ceremony associated with the prize, but when you decide to give your award to the man running one of the largest countires in the world I think you have to accept that his schedule might just be a little busy.

Today is also my last day in Norway before heading off to Kansas for the holidays...providing of course Air Force One being scheduled to take off a little while before our flight is scheduled doesn't delay us too much! Time for some much needed rest and recreation


Travis said…
So you go away for winter and go somewhere that it is likely to be colder than in Norway??? I live in the midwest and let me tell you it is mighty cold right now! Do you have family out this way?
AmandaP said…
Have fun in Kansas!