Wrapping up the Nanowrimo experience

So November is in the past and Nanowrimo is done for another year. I ended up with a little over 41,000 words written so didn't quite make the target alas. Trying to do this in a month that involved a business trip to the other side of the world was probably a little ambitious in hindsight...isn't hindsight wonderful!

It was worth it though. I like that Nanowrimo gives me the motivation to do more writing every November. I love writing, even if it just for my own benefit and all too often life gets in the way and it is easy to push things like that aside. Having the little extra push to concentrate on some writing is great and it reminds why I like doing it in the first place.

I do want to finish this story and won't let the end of the challenge be the end of the story! I think I will try and write one chapter a week until this thing is done. I'll probably change the site up there a little too to reflect the story itself perhaps if the time allows.

The story of FATE Inc and it's employees will be told!


Penemue said…

Hey, at least this helped to get it started, write?

...Okay, okay, bad pun. Still, I think that's the best thing about NaNo. Gets the juices flowing.

Craig Morrison said…
Yup, it was great to get the story flowing. The idea has been in my head and scattered notes for the best part of a decade, so good to get into it and start to make it 'real' :)
Tribbles said…
Thats 41,000 words of fiction more than I will ever write! You have nothing to be worried about in not making the target. I think you were crazy for attempting it, let alone in a month where you went to Korea!