I think...

...watching this week's 'out of sequence' episode of Fringe kinda freaked me out. I am all for getting to catch up on previously cut episodes, but with a show like Fringe I was almost wondering if they were doing it intentionally just to fake us all out.

...Friday Night Lights is still the best thing on TV.

...James Cameron makes fantastically entertaining movies.

...I don't have enough time to read all the books I got for Christmas.

...Up in the Air had better get the oscar nod it deserves when they announce the nominations.

...the news of Ghostbuster 3 getting the go-ahead fills me childishly giddy joy and dread.

...so did the new english Final Fantasy XIII trailer.

...I need to do some more writing


AmandaP said…
I wouldn't have put an english computer game developer down as someone liking a drama about high school football in Texas! Let alone think it's better than Fringe!
Jon said…
I must admit I did a double take too when Charlie appeared in that episode of Fringe!