February already?

Where did January go? With the latest major game update safely deployed there isn't any rest for the wicked as they say with our work on the expansion in full flow. With GDC coming up in San Francisco at the beinging on March we are already well in gear for showing things off there as well, and it definitely keeps you on your toes.

On a lighter note, had a nice, albeit short, evening yesterday with some good music. One of the things I love about a city like Oslo is that there is always something going on, might just be something small, but you can always find something. Last night I managed to catch a short performance by the local band 'Little Hands of Asphalt' at the Gimle theatre as part of the film festival that is in full swing there at the moment (going to check out Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones tomorrow). It was a slightly unusual, but quiet and intimate venue for a live performance, but was fantatstic to hear some of the tracks that have been dominating my iPod playlist played live.

...and I love and hate Lost just as much with the arrival of the final season. I say 'hate' in the 'I still love you though' way. Even when embarking on it's final season it is still intent on asking more new questions rather than answer our old ones. So in that way it makes me hate them for having to wait between episodes to find out what is going on and which of the theories might hold up and which are going to be torn apart with the next myseterious revelation.


Anonymous said…
I had not heard of that band before, but good tunes! Good find!
Craig Morrison said…
It is definitely worth checking out their album. I recommend it at least if you like some mellow, folk tinged tunes. I always like finding new bands, espcially when they are local.