The hidden places

These short ten and twenty minutes explorations of the sights and sounds of our urban landscape that often go unnoticed or negelcted. I always like documentaires that take a look at the places, things and people that are hidden away, often in plain sight, and we don't always get the chance to appreciate or notice.

These might be sponsored films, but they are well worth a look, the product is never mentioned (as it should be with good sponsored projects!)

Explorations 1: The Ruins of New York

Exploration 2: Centralia, PA - The fire that doesn't stop burning
Exploration 3: Missle Silo Homes
Exploration 4: Oil of LA
Exploration 5: Listen in Berlin
Exploration 6: London Pirate Radio

There are so many small stories to tell in our world I love hearing about them.


Lastern said…
I have been to Centralia! We went for a field trip when I was studying geology at college. I remember some of those places in the film