I think...

...it was kind of weird not being at Gamescom in Germany this year, but with getting the team up and settled in Montreal it meant I had to skip this year. I don't miss the busy days, but I do miss getting to meet the players and the general buzz of the show. (Although this year's show didn't reveal too many new exciting things in the 'OMG!' way, but some solid updates from some games that will be interesting to follow)

...finished up Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the PSP. Great game for the format, aside from the difficulty spikes (which I didn't find as difficult as some reviews suggested) that exist it played great on it's handheld platform. Some of the encounters did indeed seem tuned for the kind of ad-hoc multi-player action that presumably happens more in Japan than it does here (about never!)

...Starcraft 2 hasn't lost it's luster for me yet, still sharing playing time with the MMOs in my schedule.

...enjoying the second season of Warehouse 13, it's the light type of show that knows what it is, and doesn't take itself too seriously and makes perfect late summer viewing.