2010..the best bits..MMOs

2010 wasn't a particularly busy year for new MMO titles, so it was a quite a bit of 'more of the same' in terms of my MMO playing habits. My time was split between a fair few of my favorite MMOs. It is a little harder to judge here as I play a lot of the MMO titles out there, a lot of that time is purely out of professional curiosity rather than a personal desire to play. There were though a few that earned some of my true leisure hours as well. Apart from my virtually daily visits to our own games, I still invest time in EVE. I found myself back on Norrath quite a bit after I picked up on Everquest 2 again when they went free to play (and finally got a character up to the end game there), continued a little exploration of Fallen Earth, but less than before, and enjoyed a good few weeks hacking and slashing my way through Vindictus.

On the new MMO front, I did try Final Fantasy XIV, but like most, found the experience a little more frustrating than enjoyable. I have also started trying Perpetuum, the indie mech based game out of Hungry that feels a lot like a land based version of EVE so far. Too early to say if that one becomes a personal choice just yet, need to explore it some more!

With only a handful of games on the horizon for 2011, Rift and DC Universe Online both slated to come out early in 2011, and I'll be checking both out as they definitely seem to offer some good potentially fun mechanics. Even if I am not a huge fan of either setting, both seemed to have received some positive comments off the back of their beta, and it will be good to see some fresh titles on the market.

like many people the more interesting developments for me might well come in 2012 in the shape of Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic. That is a lot of hype building up and it will be interesting to see how they are received when they arrive.

Still, there may yet be the room for some surprises in 2011, sure to be some interesting developments along the way!


Anonymous said…
SW The Old Republic will be released around 2011, not 2012.
IamtheCylon said…
@Anonymous I doubt it will. I would think it will get delayed to 2012 for sure. They haven't even confirmed 2011 yet and we are now in 2011. Maybe for the holiday season but I doubt it. Then again, DCO suddenly announced a launch date, so maybe, who knows. I'll put money on 2012