I think...

...it is going to be a busy year. The first week in the office always tends to involve a lot of spreadsheets containing plans, to-do lists and the stack of things that need doing for 2011. It always seems a lot when listed like that, but the fun is always in the challenge :)

....I totally forgot to mention how much I enjoyed Amnesia: The Dark Descent when I was listing the games of the year thing. A stunner of an indie title and one of the most atmospheric game in years. Glad to see them well represented in the IGF nominations.

...I have resolved to write more this year, at least in terms of my creative writing. Partly fueled by new year resolution type thinking and partly be discovering the joys of using Scrivener, now that it is available for windows. I think I write enough here on the blog already, some would say too much I am sure, so hopefully I manage to keep that up as well.

...this made my day yesterday when I got the link while browsing Kotaku. Comic fans should check it out, some amazing work there from artist Daniel Lieske, who creates a really nice atmosphere. I will look forward to reading more of it.