I think...

...this year is going far too fast. Barely seems to have started and already time for the annual pilgrimage to San Francisco for GDC. Hopefully this year I actually get a chance to go to some of the sessions. In previous years the marketing folks have kept us busy with press sessions, but this year looks like I might get to improve on my record of averaging one session a year!

...the first trade paperback of The Sixth Gun lived up to it's billing. Definitely one of the more interesting new comics of last year. The first story arc is a nice compact story, told at a good pace, but still serves to wet your appetite for more, and hints at a potentially cool mythology they can explore. Will look forward to future installments. Also really enjoying catching up with Chew, I love the slightly surreal setting and characters, and it keeps getting better.

...I had a blast with the first episodes of Telltale's Back to the Future game. While it definitely doesn't represent the most challenging game-play experience you will ever have, it is delivered with such style and reverence for the source material, that you can't help but get all nostalgic and nod knowingly at the in-jokes and references. If you didn't like the movies there probably isn't much of interest here, but if you have any fondness for the adventures of Marty and Doc Brown then you should check them out.

...I really, really, hope Fringe comes back for another season.


Blitzen said…
I have only heard good things about the Sixth Gun. Will have to bite the bullet (no pun intended) and pick up a copy.
Aghora said…
You should really get the 25-th anniversary DvD/BR Back to the Future. Of course for the extras included. A lot of interesting info, I really liked it. Keep it up Michel fighting the terrible illness!