Hollywood Baby!

The last week saw me in Los Angeles, thanks to the short hop from San Francisco after GDC. The trip was to take part in a Conan partners summit with the folks at Paradox (who own and operate the Conan License) and Lionsgate Films, who are publishing the new Conan movie the US, as well as folks from other partners like Dark Horse comics. We got to see the current cut of the movie at a closed screening thanks to the kind folks at Lionsgate. While I can't say too much there due to all the usual NDA terms and such, I will say that I really liked what we saw, and I think Jason Momoa makes for a very convincing Conan.

...for those who haven't seen it yet, the first teaser trailer for the Conan movie is now up on Yahoo Movies, and is also being shown before certain films this weekend, so you might get to see it on the big screen, if you are on your way to a movie...

...so it should be a good year for the everything barbarian. It will definitely keep us busy...

The trip also gave me the chance to wander around the streets of Hollywood with the camera, and capture some of the sights...

Hollywood Baby! Hollywood Baby! Hollywood Baby! Hollywood Baby!

There is always something eccentric, interesting or unusual to see when wandering around Hollywood, and I couldn't resist giving them the black and white treatment.

You can find the entire set here on Flickr.

GDC itself was pretty productive. The TSW team did an awesome job with their presentations, coverage of which is all over the web now that the embargo has lifted, and the release of a shiny new website. So check those out if you get the chance.

I also actually got to attend more sessions at GDC than every before, and even got the chance to sneak into a couple that I wanted to see as much for personal interest as professional necessity, which was a first for me. There seemed to be more developers than ever before, and clearly the explosion of app gaming and social gaming is expanding the numbers of people who are 'working in the gaming industry'. The industry is fast expanding it's scope with a far greater range of platforms, genres, budgets and targets. Personally I find it a very interesting time, with lots of potential, even if both companies and individuals alike are still getting to grips with where exactly we are headed...

Now back in Montreal and looking forward to a few days downtime this weekend, and maybe work on a proper blog article, or do some writing...although I do want to find the time for some pure escapism and go to see Rango at the cinema...
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Trigger said...

I knew Elvis still walks among us!! The TSW site is looking great, now tell them to hurry up and release the game

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