Storytelling in Games panel podcast

The audio podcast for the Storytelling in games panel that Alex Epstein organised at McGill University is now available over on iTunes. It was fun to sit on the panel with Mary DeMarle (the lead writer for Eidos’s new RPG, Deus Ex: Human Revolution), Richard Rouse III (The Narrative Director at Ubisoft Montreal and creator of The Suffering), our own Nina L. Sund (who worked with me on AO and Conan) and Stephen Wark (game designer at Ludia, who make a range of games from casual puzzles to online education RPGs).

It was a fun and interesting panel, so drop by and check it out if you get a chance. It's long, but worth a listen!

EDIT: The Swedish browser based game that I couldn't remember the name of during the session was The Dream Machine, and can be found here.


Arcon said…
Interesting panel. I cannot wait for the new Deus Ex game, I hope they have done it justice!