A very important date...

...Anarchy Online is ten years old this year. It is a game that means a lot to me personally, as it is the reason that I got into the industry. So really I have the world of Rubi-Ka to thank for what is a pretty damn cool job. I am not the only one here at Funcom that feels the same way too...AO is very special to many of us. To that end we started putting together a special publication to honor the momentous milestone of a decade online.

AO is a game with a very special community, and really, it is the community that serves as the heart of any MMO. Therefore we would also like your feedback...if you have ever played AO and liked exploring the world of Rubi-Ka we want to hear from you!

Please see the details here (or here on the AO forums) and follow the instructions if you would like to take part in this special project to mark the anniversary!