The 'I love you guys' edition...

Been a very busy few weeks, not just because work is hectic (which it is, lots happening at the moment, that's well covered elsewhere), but also because I have a couple of really interesting side projects on the go. One of which is helping to prepare a special publication we will be putting out later in the summer to celebrate the community around Anarchy Online, since the game is soon to be ten years old. 

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, we have been getting players to contribute some of the own memories about the game, and to explain why they enjoy it...or indeed why they might have a special affection for all things Rubi-Ka. The community elements is what most appeals to me about working on MMO titles, always has done, and getting to do a project like this reminds me of all the wonderful ways people contribute to each others lives, virtual or otherwise, because of these worlds that are created...and Rubi-Ka is a very special world in that regard for many of us (it is undoubtedly the reason I have this job!). The project is coming together nicely and I think the AO community will enjoy the results. In the meantime it's filling a good few evenings with some extra smiles, as I read through and edit together all these memories.

I have spoken before about the special feeling that creating and looking after these worlds can generate for developers...so working through all the wonderful feedback at the moment, and getting a fantastic impression of just how much of a bond people have with the game, just re-enforces that feeling. The communities really are what make these games.

Hearing the stories from players, and getting that sense of their genuine enjoyment and appreciation for what we do, always makes it worthwhile. We might argue now and again about what is best for our relationship, but at a fundamental level we always share that passion for these worlds and the people we meet within them.

The community around Anarchy Online and Age of Conan alike, are why this job doesn't really 'get old' for me. In fact I hope I get the chance to work on something similar for the tenth anniversary of AoC...and who knows? Maybe even the twentieth birthday celebrations for Rubi-Ka!
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