How to feed your Trolls and Influence people...

...cryptic messages on a Wednesday morning?

No, that's the title for the lecture session I will be giving at the MIGS 2011 conference here in Montreal in November. The full schedule for the conference is now out, so if you are in the industry and interested, or want to be in the industry and are looking for insight, make sure you check out the details. Lots of great sessions this year!

My talk will be taking a deeper look at how community feedback influences game design and game design influences community. Hopefully in an interesting, possibly amusing, but most importantly educational way. It is an ever more important dynamic given our ever more connected and online world, that brings in a lot of interesting aspects. Community is where I started out in the industry and is an important factor that often influences designers far more than they are usually willing to admit. So this session will explore the implications for that, and share some anecdotes and maybe offer some advice for how best to deal with your own versions of trolls and fanboys (and fangirls!), whether you are working on a major title, an online game, or an indie project, everyone has an audience, and how you interact with them can create some very interesting dynamics! I think it will be a fun session!

Really looking forward to the session so hopefully I will see some of you there. It will probably make a good post or two over here as well, once the conference is done and dusted.