A good week...

...incredibly busy, but very satisfying. The period after you launch a major update (or in this case an expansion pack to your game) is usually a short respite for the developers. In my case however it actually usually amps things up a little, as it is the period when the 'what next' plans are revisited, reviewed and put into action. I have also been out visiting the North Carolina office, where our Customer Service staff are based, so the iPad has been getting good use while out on the road.

Lots of planning getting done, and prep work for the next set of content additions, and beyond, being done. Each milestone leads to the next one, so this period just after one finishes gets very busy higher up the chain, as you have to try and take as many learning away from the previous project as you can, so that you are always doing things at least a little better next time out. What worked, what didn't, what you will definitely do again, and what you will definitely try to avoid. So in weeks like these I see far more time-lines, spreadsheets and budget documents than I might like, but it is almost always worth it...

It has also been satisfying to see some of the recognition the game has been getting of late, with a nomination for this years Golden Joysticks awards, and a great re-review over at Dualshockers. I really like to see reviews like that one because it was in-depth and detailed. The reviewer clearly spent a good few weeks playing the game, played through to max level, and took the time to properly assess the game, as an MMO, something that we don't always see happen when the press review an MMO. It was nice that the score was great, and he had positive impressions, but I most appreciated the fact that they took the time to give the game such a fair shake! A great example of how to do an MMO review properly. Far too many times an MMO review falls foul of the fans because they can tell the reviewer didn't really play the game too deeply, so when you get a lengthy, detailed review like that one, you can't really knock them for that. You might disagree with some of their conclusions, but it is great to see them take such a detailed approach. 

So all in all, the kind of week that I happy to be tired at the end of!


Davon said…
Grats on the positive buzz. The game has improved so much you should definitely push it more. Just a shame that so many get hung up on the idea it was supposed to be a PVP only game thanks to bad launch PR. It is a great MMO now. I am looking forward to Seeing what you guys do with TSW
Anonymous said…
Yeah, nice review, Conan is very good at some points, no question.
I hope with TSW that FC can manage to have a complete mmo hit.
Do you plan to offer bundled accounts (TSW + AOC special offer)?
How does the Blood n Goory Server experiment work out - do the wolves strangle themself or is it prospering?
Ah, it will be a hard time the next months with quite a few promising mmos ready to release soon.
Craig Morrison said…
We haven't decided yet on any possible bundling of AoC and TSW, but it has been discussed as a possibility.

We have been encouraged by the B&G servers, they are a small community for sure, and that was the intention, but they are holding players there, so it may be something we can do more with in the future.

...and yes, lots of good games on the horizon over the next year, but as an MMO fan, I don't see that as a bad thing...looking forward to trying SWTOR, GW2 and Diablo III...and playing TSW as well :)
Blink said…
Congrats on the review. Glad to see AoC finally get some of the credit it deserves. It might have taken a few years too many, but you guys have taken it up a notch this year.
Anonymous said…
SWTOR coming out dec 20/22 2011.
This will for sure lead to a significant decline of income (sub+f2p) of most mmos as many will try out that game.
I hope FC has enough reserves to get TSW done right and out of the door only when its ready for it!