The economics of a AAA MMO...

A very good article over on Eurogamer today about the risk, reward and future ahead of the launch of The Old  Republic this week, that will be of interest to anyone who is interested in that type of thing...and judging from the posts that are generally popular here, that's most of you reading the blog!

As I have talked about before, where The Old Republic ends up numbers wise, will definitely have an influence on the industry one way or another. 

So again, it kind of comes back to those numbers. I firmly believe that the drop after the first month isn't indicative of a failure, it might just be the natural trend that most AAA MMOs will all experience* as their appeal hits a wider demographic than will naturally play a subscription based title...with the caveat, that of course, we are always subject to the off chance that there will be a next surprise hit, the next World of Warcraft, it will most likely happen, and probably when we least expect it! Some of you could even argue that League of Legends has quietly already done so...and the Old Republic may yet do so...interesting times ahead!


Anonymous said…
I believe you be on the right track Sil.

The overall success is twofold:
A) Making money
B) Give Players long term fun
Anonymous said…

I wonder it is no christmas spirit here?

Anyway - happy holidays and a good new year to you.
May the good wishes and intentions come true!
Craig Morrison said…
Been on the road visiting the in-laws :) Will have some end of year type posts up during this week methinks. Happy Holidays all :)
Anonymous said…
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