Another intriguing indie...

Spotted a preview for the indie game Vessel by Strange loop Games  over on Rock, Paper Shotgun this morning. I am a sucker for concept platformers, let alone one with a cool vaguely steampunk aesthetic. You can check out a developer video courtesy of IGN below

I have the feeling that I'll be giving this one a spin come March 1st...


Anonymous said…
Wow, this is great!

I Wiggles, had not these puzzles but you digged into the underground and sometimes there was water in a cave or river and one could use it do drown things i.e.
But far from this demo.

Why tell i?

Yeah, back in the days, i questioned if not MMOs should contain more such stuff too!?
Today even more its pretty much the absence of riddles and envrionment interaction in such a way as in the demo video.

Well, i dream on further ;)