A new turn based X-Com?

A nice surprise in the gaming news today, as Game Informer had the exclusive on the news that Firaxis (of Civilization fame) are hard at work on a new X-Com game, and a traditional turn based one no less! Count me amongst those very...very...excited about this news.

Can't wait to see some more about it! You can find all the details over at Games Informer here.


Anonymous said…
Stil no game out that beats X-Com - but i liked the unofficial stepchild, the UFO series very well even tho allways overshadowed by the older X-Com series.

I hope they understand why it was such a success and what was a bit annoying (having to equip your soldiers b4 every single combatmission instead of have it saved personally as future use template), what was working.

I hope for at least a few more personalized soldiers (like in other old games when one does an outstanding deed and becomes Hero with boosted stats or more abilities) that take leader roles.
Fully destructible and usefull environment.
Good overview.
Great mechanics.
Great maps.
Maybe sort of a merge with appocalypse and the more advanced building and business elements.

The next best thing to X-Com beside UFO was to me for cheap "Gorky" and far better "Incubation" but overall they have not the depth of X-Com but be campaing-mission based with at best basic soldiers-management.

I hope Firaxis will have a Hit by Surprise bcs X-Com is rather old today and peope are used to hack n slay games anywhere with RTS (real time - no thought) elements instead of demanding games.
Maybe seomeone wants Firaxis defunct.

Time will tell!

I am Happy for it :)
Anonymous said…
PS: My secret wish in the 90s was that someone would make a X-Com/Jagged Aliance hybrid, taking the best parts of each game and give us the PERFECT tbs strategy/tactic game.
Driller said…
This made my day! Amazingly awesome news. I hope that Firaxis don't screw this one up, they are going to be dealing with a LOT of rabid fanbois with this franchise.
Craig Morrison said…
Yup! Very excited for this one. The originals were some of my favorite memories from earlier gaming times. I have missed a good turn based strategy offering in recent times. While I do actually like some of the modern RTS games, sometimes I would like a return to the slower paced, more thoughtful, strategy required from that generation of games.
Anonymous said…
Have you ever tried Incubation?
Its at GoG.com in the "Battle Isle Platinum" box.
Turn based games about strategy Future War (Battle Isle), WWI (History Line) and tactical Squad Combat (Incubation).

The first Incubation is as fair as it is hard - you must make yourself a deep thought how to equip your soldiers, how to use your weapons, how to use the map to your adavance - it works out really well!

The second Incubation is harder but bcs they have increased the numbers of enemys which makes it a bit of a bloodbath instead of a deep tactical game.

As another stand alone product "The Andosia War" is Battle Isle 4 but changed to sort of a RTS game and was badly received.
They had switched the developers and gameplay and it was only an occasion to surf on the good name of Battle Isle (a very good name at least in Germany).
After that the Publisher/Ex-Developer got defunct afair and the Series lays dead.

But Incubation is a great game for Fans of Turn Based Squad Tactic!