I think...

...I was very glad to see Rango pick up an Oscar for best animated movie. It was one of my favorite movies last year, and wickedly smart in a way quite unlike most other animated features of recent times. If you missed it first time around make sure you check it out!

...the replay of Shadows of the Colossus wasn't quite as inspiring as that of Ico for me. The remaster looks undeniably great in HD and all, but the combination of the same control issues I struggled with a little first time around, and possibly the fact that knowing the ending spoils much of the impact, meant that my replay didn't offer as much value as Ico. That said, the box with the both is tremendous value and a near essential purchase, in particular if you haven't played them before.

...in an effort to get through some of the games I missed, now working on The Witcher 2. Only a few hours in so far, but enjoying the story, even if the controls on the PC are a little quirky for my tastes. Might have to hook up my XBox controller and see if it's better with that hooked up. Gorgeous game though, loving the standard of the visuals.

...catching up on the most excellent Locke and Key from IDW. The original plan was to save them for the flight to San Francisco for GDC next week, but once I have them I just can't help myself, and have to read them cover to cover in one sitting.