Some Monday morning indie crowd-sourcing...

While it was some of the proverbial 'big boys' in the gaming playground that made the news with their Kickstarter shenanigans over the last week, it is perhaps more importantly, fast becoming a valid means for small, indie efforts to make it to the market. Spotted another one worthy of a mention over on Rock, Paper, Shotgun this weekend. What's more, this one comes with a neat little demo, so you can try it out for yourself before you decide whether it's worth your hard earned cash.


I really like the concept of the crowd-sourcing options. Whether it will suffer from over saturation or not remains to be seen, but until then there are some intriguing projects out there that might just be worth your support. I have the feeling that in the future, as more and more people try to use this avenue of potential funding, having a good demo or pitch will be important, so it's great to see some folk already getting that, and actually showing people what they will be contributing to!