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There are more than a few folk who routinely lament the absence of true game journalism these days. Now while I think some of those sentiments are exaggerated, there is certainly a desire out there for more mature, well written, and informative, writing on games. Some are making headway already, Edge has always had good writing, and more recently the Penny Arcade Report is trying to highlight better written pieces. With that in mind  I was grateful to get the chance to contribte to another new online magazine intent on offering some more thoughtful coverage of the industry. 

continue magazine issue 2Headed up by some game journalism vets, Continue magazine is an online only quarterly, with a focus on going beyond simply offering reviews and previews and instead taking a deeper look at all things gaming. You can find the first two issues online already, with issue two having just launched this week. In which you will an article by your truly looking at some of the interesting pyschology that underpins MMO design ... so yes, I am a touch biased in saying that this particular issue may be worth picking up. Overall you'll find over a hundred pages of well written and interesting articles, covering a pretty diverse range of game related subjects, both digital and physical (as well as a rather cool article about some ingenious folk who turned an abandoned shopping mall into a real life zombie apocalypse experience!)

So if you fancy reading some actual games journalism make sure you check it out!