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... it's really exciting to see The Secret World launched and live. A huge congratulations to the team that have been working on it here for the last few years. In fact, in one form or another, the game has 'existed' for a decade. I saw the first demo, when it was to be called 'Cabal' even before I worked for the company. In the press interviews for the AO Shadowlands Expansion back in early 2003, Jorgen, who would later hire me to work for Funcom, showed me a short private demo from what would later become The Secret World. It was atmospheric and intriguing even then. Running around a spooky graveyard in Transylvania, old style revolver in hand, although it was first person in those days, and it adapted and took many forms before playing out into what has launched this week. Seeing it live now, with real players exploring that world, is thus all kinds of awesome ...

... I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot to The Newsroom. I had to smile reading some of the critics complain that the show was too unrealistic and naively idealistic, as if somehow that wasn't what you would expect from Aaron Sorkin. To me that is kind of like complaining about a Mario game containing plumbers and forcing you to collect stars. Isn't it what you should expect? Personally, as a huge fan of the West Wing, and of Sorkin's snappy style of writing dialog (unrealistic and idealistic as it may be), the show hit the mark for me, and I am going to be looking forward to the rest of the season. HBO also posted the entire first episode to You Tube, so you can make your mind up for yourself, free of charge! Can't ask for more than that ...

... I was glad to see Falling Skies back and pick up right where it left off. I hope that the second season grows into itself after what felt like a slightly rushed and chaotic end to the first season when they were presumably unsure whether they were being renewed or not ...

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Anonymous said...

Have a good time in TSW right now and bought 2 Grand Masters for us.
I dont expect to play it without taking massive holidays from it at times but see forward for future expansions - still months away from having all seen yet ;)
The Story and Immersion is great, is huge, is fresh.
The combat with the free movement feels quite well and the absence of combos is a blessing.
If combos do them progressive, flexible and most urgent for people who like them.
The biggest complain so far is that like in AoC some things look very artificial like cheap plastic.
Danny Dufresnes hair for example looks extremly like a plastic helmet.
Overall i am quite excited, the german translation/localization is very well done so far and TSW is worth the intial investment!

Well done Funcom :)

Richter said...

You guys have done a great job with The Secret World. The game is far better than I expected, and I would hazard a guess that is the case for many other people too. Seems like you guys have finally got a launch right ;)

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