Last minute globe trotting, free music, and on to E3

Ended up spending most of the week in Oslo, on a trip to the studio here for some meetings before heading to LA for the E3 expo (although I was a little bit disappointed to miss the storm waters that swamped Montreal this week, part of me loves a good storm). Several time-zones in the wrong direction for the good of my body clock, but it was a great chance to get to see some old friends, including Oslo itself. There are few cities in the world more hospitable than Oslo on a bright, sunny, breezy, summer afternoon.

Yesterday also happened to be the day when they have a free music festival across the city. Every summer they set up a series of stages across Oslo, and bands and performers play live sets all day, from the early morning through to the evening. All completely free. You'll find every genre, style and musical preference represented. I've taken the opportunity to take pictures of some of the performances in the past, so I couldn't resist the chance to go grab some pictures, and see one of my favorite Oslo bands, The Little Hands of Asphalt, that the wife and I had discovered while we lived here.

The Little Hands of Asphalt The Little Hands of Asphalt The Little Hands of Asphalt
The Little Hands of Asphalt The Little Hands of Asphalt The Little Hands of Asphalt

Great weather, good music, not sure you can ask for a better way to spend a summer morning while out travelling.

Oslo really has a uniquely friendly atmosphere, and it was great to get to experience it again.

Tomorrow brings the long flight to Los Angeles and E3. It's actually my first E3 in close to seven years. I have tended to skip E3 in previous years in favor of GDC, PAX and GC. Not in an intentional 'I hate E3' way or anything like that, more that you always have to make judgement calls of which of the events make the most sense for you to spend time at, and for some reason the time and purpose at E3 never really matched up for my schedule in recent years. So it will be interesting to see what form the show takes these days.