GDC Quest complete!

So the first part of this year's German adventure is complete, as GDC Europe wraps up for another year, and I earned my 'Have spoken at GDC' badge. I had a great time at the convention. Lots of passionate people, lots of interesting talks and discussions, both inside and outside the sessions themselves. It is also a nice reminder of just how much brainpower is deeply committed to the industry, and to expanding upon our own development horizons. There is still much potential to tap in this medium!

Online was definitely a focus this year, and the breadth of games and experiences being discussed was impressive. 

I really enjoyed the sessions from Justin Beck of mobile developers PerBlue, and Jan van der Crabben from Travian games, as those kinds of things always highlight for me how the same basic principles apply across different formats and budgets.

I have to admit that there were more than a few jangling nerves as I prepared for my session. Big room, that's a lot of seats to fill! Will anyone show up? It was an early morning session ... man, I hope there wasn't any good parties the night before ... will I actually be interesting??

I had a blast!

I enjoyed the actual presentation much more than I thought I would. This kind of a session is very different from the press junkets and PR sessions we do when presenting a game. primarily because you are pouring a lot of your own thoughts, emotions and energy into ... hopefully ... providing some educational insights that can prove useful to your peers. To me that's far scarier than whether someone likes our new dungeon or not, because it's a much more personal assessment. 

Thankfully it went really well!

There was a good crowd, lots of questions, both during the Q&A and afterwards, and overall people seemed to appreciate the message of the session, and enjoyed the presentation.

I really enjoyed getting to meet everyone, chat afterwards, and I have to say a huge thanks for all the kind words. It really does mean a lot that people thought the session was worthwhile!

(Thanks to Bendik Stang for the picture from the session floor!)

Gamasutra also did a nice follow-up piece, and overall I think that everything was pretty well received.


The session will be available in the future on the GDC Vault for those with access there, Not sure if it will appear publicly at any stage, but I'll be sure to post the link if it does!

Now for Gamescom ...


Anonymous said…
Pro beard man! Looking good.
Damien said…
I am very interested by the application of more scientific and psychological reasoning in that manner. Do you think that the text of your presentation will be available, or is protected by the conference?

It would be wonderful if these kind of sessions were shared. I am a student of Game Design and would appreciate being able to access this kind of material. The practical applications of such academic thought to Game Design is one of reasons many of us wish to continue on in the industry. Games are growing up. Slowly, but there is more thought going into them now.
Craig Morrison said…
@anonymous it's all part of my other job as a Kevin Smith impersonator

@Damien The session will be available on GDC Vault (and I think they have student rates). I am not sure if it is ever posted up for free public consumption, but if it is I will be sure to post the link!