Theatre Bizzare - The Summoning

This weekend saw a quick trip to the Motor City in Detroit for one of the most unique events I have had the pleasure of visiting. Put on by the Theatre Bizzare, the Summoning is a Halloween party held at the old Masonic Temple in Detroit. Such a unique location with amazing people watching, spectacular costumes (costumes were compulsory), and weird and wonderful performances going on all around. From fire-breathers, through circus acts, burlesque dancers, weird and wonderful sideshows to live bands and dance-floors.

It really was an amazingly atmospheric event ... and of course lead to some great photo opportunities

Theatre Bizzare Theatre Bizzare Theatre Bizzare Theatre Bizzare

This one was my favorite from the event!

Theatre Bizzare

A great way to spend a weekend away!


AmandaP said…
That looks like it was an amazing night! Jealous! Where do you hear about these things??
Craig Morrison said…
My wife heard about the event through a piece on NPR. They were interviewing one of the guys who organizes it about the use of the old masonic temple. So she snagged some tickets!