The one where you die a lot!

Most games reward you for defying the grim reaper, cheating death, and progress generally relies on your ability to avoid an unfortunate end. Now there is an indie project in the works where your progression relies entirely on you finding new and inventive ways to die!

The team includes one of the students who took part in our summer project here in Montreal, and they recently released a demo of their efforts. The games was born out of one of the Game Jams last year and is a brilliant little concept. Basically you play the role of an eternally re-spawning knight who must throw his body onto hazards and kill himself in order to allow his next incarnation a helping hand. You will soon be throwing yourself on spike pits in order to run across your body later!

The current demo offers a great glimpse of what a full game could be like. There are a few fun levels to show off the concept that are fully playable, and really well presented. It's also worth playing through for the credit sequence at the end of the demo.

You can download the demo here and find out more about the game here at their site!


Anonymous said…
Love the concept.
Kravex said…
Love the artwork style and the overall concept.. "bloody" fun!