What does almost a decade of writing about games look like?

I am somewhat of a document pack rat. 

Not sure if it's a bad habit or not, but it's good for going back and remembering.

I keep pretty much everything I write, or at least I try to. In the process of doing some proverbial spring cleaning I got to reading through some of the old interviews and articles for nostalgia's sake. I found myself doing so for a few hours and thought to myself, hey, that might make a cool word cloud. ... so another hour or so later, after much merging of word documents and creating a thoroughly unwieldy block of text I came up with this ...

Strictly speaking it probably wasn't absolutely everything I wrote while working on the games, but it must be pretty darned close. Over a hundred interviews, a couple of hundred community updates, and as many forum posts as I could lay my hands on. Over 225,000 words and a lot of good memories.

Hopefully the next decades will be just as interesting!