Execution Labs demo day

Spent the afternoon at the Science center here in Montreal, where the folks from Execution Labs were helping their current stable of indie developers showcase their game to the investment community. Execution are an incubator, who provide a stable environment that helps new studios get off the ground, and offers them some mentoring and advice. This session was part of the Quebec start-up festival, and was a good opportunity to take a quick peek at the progress that the teams have been making.


Each team gets six to nine months of support to get a game to market, and start to build an audience for their efforts.  

The folks from Afterland have just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for their very Tim Burtonesque CCG game. Well worth checking out for some gorgeous card art alone. 

Those of you who enjoyed the social elements in Age of Conan and The Secret World will also want to keep an eye on Kitfox games, as Tanya Short, their creative director, was the lead social designer who worked on those elements when we were at Funcom. Their first effort is an intriguing sci-fi rogue-like by the name of Shattered Planet.