Eldar Aspect Warriors - Striking Scorpions

The various Eldar Aspect Warrior units have always been favorites of mine when it comes to painting, so I jumped at the chance to paint some for a friend recently. Some Striking Scorpions were first up.

Striking Scorpions

These models have always been tremendous fun to paint, and way back when I started out painting as a teenager were amongst the first complete armies I painted. The latest versions of these casts are still some of my favorite Games Workshop models ... pity they are such a pain in my rear to actually play against!

Striking Scorpions

Having the Exarch with the squad also gives you some nice options for playing with the color schemes and making sure these hero units stand out even more from their rank and file compatriots. Here I opted to have the Exarch have a much darker base, but go out to the same highlight color, providing him with an almost electric kind of feel.

Next up will be some Dark Reapers ...